Lauren and Justin, Ripton

We have known Irene since the first year of her move to Vermont. In addition to connecting us with our current home in 1999, we witnessed the turnaround of several properties that she improved during her ownership. Irene is a hard worker, highly motivated and engaged in her community.

Joel, Middlebury

Irene has bought and sold a good deal of homes. She knows about houses… how they are built, what they might need to improve them (and what that might cost). More importantly than knowing physical property, Irene is generally knowledgeable as a person… she is intelligent. Most importantly, Irene is forthright, understanding, a good listener, and honest, honest, honest.

Benjamin, Middlebury

Irene is diligent and thorough in all she does. She speaks clearly and communicates well. She is an honest and caring person.

Faith, Middlebury

Irene Poole is a Renaissance woman. Highly intelligent, thoughtful, and perceptive, her many and varied talents and interests make her a most fascinating individual. I have known Irene for over twenty years. She is a totally honest human being who possesses a strong moral character, is incredibly hard working, and goal oriented. She views each day as another day in which to excel. As such, I highly value her many qualities and consider our enduring friendship a gift.